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Ability Subtypes

Valid for Patch: 1.0

Ability subtypes are shown as blue words in ability descriptions.  They indicate the type of skill that power performs.  Many passives abilities trigger when you use a certain ability subtype.  They are:

Frenzy – AoE abilities
Burst – Applies their effects multiple times in an instant
Focus – Channeled over time
Chain – Jumps up to 3 meters 4 times, hitting up to 5 enemies
Blast – Cone (affects up to 5 enemies in a 5 meter long 60 degree cone in front of you) and column (affects up to 5 enemies in a 4 meter wide by 5 meter long area in front of you) abilities
Strike – Single target

Decks by Ability SubTypes

SURVIVABILITY         IlluminatiBodyguard
Templar Warlock
HEALING   Illuminati Fixer
Dragon Monk
Dragon Assassin      
DAMAGE & SUPPORT Illuminati Slayer
Illuminati Mercenary
Templar Gladiator
Dragon Chaos Theorist
Templar Executioner
Illuminati Fixer
Dragon Neoshaman
Templar Paladin
Dragon Pandemonist
Illuminati Gunslinger
Illuminati Grifter Templar Magus
Templar Puritan

*Additional decks will be added as they are released

Survivability - Has abilities often used for tanking including taunts/hate generation, mitigation, and evasion
Healing - Has abilities used for healing yourself and others including barriers, direct heals and leeching effects
Support - Has abilities used to provide support including turrets/manifestations/drones, buffing/debuffing, purging/cleansing and healing